On Thursday 26 January, five preconferences are organized. Participation in these preconferences is free (i.e. included in your conference registration fee).

Preconference 1: Physiological measures in communication science

Time: 9.00-11.00

Location: DZ3

Please register for this preconference by sending an email to Karin Fikkers ( and Bert Bakker (

Iris Vermeir and Hendrik Slabbinck On the start-up of a neuro lab: from Facereader to EEG studies & beyond
Diamantis Petropoulos-Petalas, Hein van Schie and Paul Hendriks Vettehen Economic messages alter the brain’s response to error prediction and consequent behavioral decisions
Karin Fikkers, Jessica Piotrowski and Patti Valkenburg Exploring children’s responses to entertainment using heart rate and skin conductance
Marie Postma The relation between skin conductance level and acoustic properties of speech as indicators of stress
Bert Bakker, Gijs Schumacher and Matthijs Rooduijn Politics isn’t cool. It is hot! Physiological Responses to Political Communication
Anouk den Hamer Automatically measuring facial expressions with FaceReader

Preconference 2: Information and communication technology use in organizations

Time: 09.30-11.15

Location: DZ8

NeFCA Organizational Communication Division Pre-conference meeting on information and communication technology use in organizations

Preconference 3: Challenges in Health Communication Research

Time: 10.00-11.15

Location: DZ5

NeFCA Health Communication Division Pre-conference meeting of the Health Communication Division

Best practices: learn from presentations by other health communication members on their own best (and worst) practices in battling the several challenges of health communication research.

Requests for collaboration: discover the needs of other HealthCom members. View some important pitches that are held by colleagues to receive your attention and your collaboration.

Discussion: after the presentations, there is room to have coffee and tea, and discuss our challenges, solutions and all the possibilities to collaborate

Preconference 4: Innovatieve methoden in webcare-onderzoek

Time: 10.15-11.15

Location: DZ4

Renee van Os, Daphne Hachmang, and Els van der Pool Conversatie-analyse als onderzoeksmethode voor webcare-conversaties
Bob van de Velde, Peter Kerkhof, Camiel Beukeboom and Charlotte van Hooijdonk Sequential analysis of webcare conversations
Guda van Noort, Theo Araujo, Stefan Bernritter and Susan Vermeer Machine learning om negatieve word of mouth te classificeren
Camiel Beukeboom Survey-onderzoek en inhoudsanalyse naar webcaregesprekken
Lotte Willemsen, Christine Liebrecht, Charlotte van Hooijdonk, Anne-Lise Kamphuis, Martine Heemskerk, Thijs van Waardenburg and Tiemen Stigter Online complimenten bestuderen met inhoudsanalyse en experimenteel onderzoek


Preconference 5: Personalized communication

Time: 10.15-11.15

Location: DZ6         

Sophie Boerman, Sanne Kruikemeier, Judith Moller, Damian Trilling and Bob van de Velde This pre-conference aims to contribute to the debate regarding personalized communication, by bringing together researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium that study personalized communication. By assembling these researchers, we aim to discuss research that addresses all fields of personalized communication, including journalism, political communication, advertising, health communication. By discussing our research, we aim to identify ongoing research regarding personalized communication, and address theoretical, methodological, and ethical issues related to this research. For instance, we want to detect where there may be theoretical and methodological differences and overlap and stimulate a discussion about these theories and methods. In addition, we hope to discuss shared research ideas, inspire researchers, and bring about new research collaborations.